Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hobby: Painted Minis

So, a new year. No reason to stop posting, really...

Today will be one of those rare hobby posts. I've painted up my Christmas gifts to myself...

All these images have been altered in PhotoShop. I've only changed the brightness, though, so there hasn't been any serious modification.

First up, Bile Thralls:

Give me an 'S'!

Give me an 'L'!

Give me an ' I '!

Give me an 'M'!

Give me an 'E'!

What does it spell? 'SLIME'!
And continuing the Cryx, a Seether:

I expect this fellow will spend a lot of time on the sideline, waiting for Dark Industries to happen...
And, for the new.

I picked up three models as test pieces for possible future armies: pBaldur, a Wold Guardian and a Titan Cannoneer.

Baldur needs another run with the Anti-Shine, I believe...

Yes, I know there's a weird purple blotch and a mould line on his upper left arm. Whatcha gonna do?
And that's it for me and the eye-candy today.


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