Friday, 13 January 2012

(Apparently) I'm a Serial Adulterer...

If you haven't read my open letter to GW, it does sort of inform this post...

And just to be very clear: I am not now, nor have I ever been, cheating on my girlfriend. I am, however, cheating on GW.

Well, I say cheating on... It's more like, well, we're separated. For now. I know they can change; they just need time. I still love my GW. They're just not the company I fell in love with.

So I started WarmaHordes. It's been a passionate affair, with a flurry of fun and games of an intensity I haven't had with GW since... well, it seems like forever. Unlike my first love, my 'something on the side' is caring and personal, rather than cold and distant.

But something's happened that I wasn't expecting.

See, the next time a new hottie appeared and tried to catch my eye, I bit. I've never been one for playing around before. Now all it takes is Malifaux batting its heavily mascara'd eyelashes, and I'm off on another 'adventure'.

I'm a serial game adulterer.

It seems, once you go polygamous, you never go back. You even go a little bit easy. Just a little.

So, instead of getting myself another Hordes army (or two), my hobby table (which looks suspiciously like my coffee table) has been invaded by Woes and Gremlins.

I played my first miniature game without dice yesterday. I will be doing it again. I am not ashamed of my actions. But there's something unfamiliar about learning new game systems, after ten years of staying with Warhammer and its younger cousin.

And so, I find myself with the inspiration for another letter to GW, that they will never read. I might write it, for my own amusement. We'll see.

And that's that for me for today.

My posting might get even more erratic in the coming weeks/months, as I've finally found myself a job. More money for the hobby, unfortunately means less time to idly blog about it.

Anyways, cheers, and I'll see you around.

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