Saturday, 24 September 2011

WarmaHordes: The bandwagon trundles on - super glue edition

So, a while ago, I jumped the bandwagon and picked up Trollbloods, swept up in a frenzy of steampunk-powered miniatures gaming (but righteously convinced that a blue monster can whoop a steam powered pseudo-dreadnought any day of the week).

This was two months ago.

Now, I've got somewhere around seventy points of models, plus three Warlocks, assembled and painted. Another handful of guys are yet to be finished.

This post is about WarmaHordes (duh) and one of my impressions so far.

Still here? Goody.

My most important observation so far:

And yes, I made this. Let's not talk about it.
Of course, I knew the dangers of super glue before. It's not like you can play miniatures games for long without having to glue something metal. Unless you're really lucky.

I'm not generally a fan of metal models. I might on occasion even have professed a deep-seated hatred for all such miniatures. They're difficult to glue, they're difficult to paint, and they never seem to be able to balance right-side up.

All of Privateer's Trollblood miniatures are metal. Except a single unit that's so far down on my list of wants that it might never get bought. They are working on converting parts of their lineup to plastic. However, when they say plastic, they don't really mean it the way I think of plastic in regards to minis. Their plastic is more like resin. Which means... You got it, super glue.

I suspect that I'm down to my last two fingerprints. The others have either been obscured by still-resident glue, or eradicated by the removal of similar colonies. I've somehow managed to splatter the stuff on my laptop's keyboard in an artistic (but thankfully seemingly harmless) way.

The worst part isn't my ineptitude. That's just the way I roll. The worst part is the fact that once in a while, the glue just doesn't stick. Oh, it still sticks just fine to me, it just doesn't adhere to the model. I suspect trace amounts of release agent, but that's extrapolation and base speculation. Anyway, one piece in maybe ten is a bitch to get stuck. Which is usually the source of those digit-based super-glue colonies.

So, for those of you just tuning in, this has been a rantette (as in a small rant, patent pending) about super glue. Conclusion: I don't like it. In the future, I might compose something more serious about the game systems by Privateer, but for now, I leave you with the mental image of three fingers stuck to a tiny metal sword arm.


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