Thursday, 15 September 2011

Giving credit where credit is due

So, this'll be a short post.

I know, precious few of those around here. I'm npt even gonna bother with a break.

I got a package in the mail yesterday. A thick, brown envelope with my address handwritten on. It confused my girlfriend no end.

Inside was the missing bit for my Trollblood Kriel Warrior Leader (long name... I'll call him Bob). I bought Bob and his mates a month ago, and realized there was a piece missing. The weapon arm for the leader. Any other arm, I could probably have scratchbuilt out of Orc bits and hidden behind a shield or in the mass of bodies, but on a leader, that would stand out.

So I contacted Privateer about it. I left them a short message on their website for the purpose, and figured they'd get back to me when they could (they have been rather busy lately). They updated the status within a few days, to 'shipped'. I, quite frankly, assumed this meant the ticket had been shipped to someone who'd deal with it.

But no. I got my stuff. No hassle.

This is just me applauding Privateer for dealing with this kind of stuff that quickly (yes, it took a month. They had to send it from the States to Sweden, and that takes a while) when they have the backlog they do.

So there.


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