Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Remembering why I don't like rules forums

So, I posted yesterday.

As I said in that post, I had yet to get an answer to my question (that I believed in). That's changed, and apparently, I was wrong (Infernal's posting).

This is not why I don't like rules forums. The Infernals are a great invention, and in the end, I got an answer to a rules ambiguity. I'm fine with being overruled (at least sometimes, like, when I know I'm fighting an uphill battle).

No, why I don't like forums (for rules discussions in particular) is that any discussion of a rule (as in, there's a disagreement) becomes adversarial. I will argue my case, and someone else will argue against it. I always feel like I come across as stubborn and obtuse when I refuse to be cowed. Usually, I refuse to be cowed because I don't feel the argument against me is strong enough, but that changes nothing.

And, of course, every once in awhile, you're likely to get stupid answers (this has yet to be the case at Privateer, but I have had a "this is how it is, and that's that" kinda response). At most forums, the crap answers outwigh the good ones.

When I write here, I have the time to look up my facts, cross-reference phrasings, and generally make my case as water-tight as possible. This is not usually the case on forums, where I feel I need to limit the amount of text used. I also spend far less time on a forum post than on a blog post.

And, more importantly, here I argue a rule in isolation. I never try to tell anyone else that they're wrong (at least not directly, even if I do argue against an interpretation) but rather give my own take.

And, let's face it, if I feel a rule needs to be posted on Privateer's forum (there aren't any other forums I would post a rules query on, at current), that means the rule has either been disputed down at the club, or it means I think my reading - although correct, of course - might meet some resistance.

And therefore, I will try to stop arguing rules on Privateer's forum. I might still post a query now and again, and when I get a response that amounts to "this is how it is" without adequate backing, I doubt I'll be able to stop myself. But I'll try. And possibly antagonize Macallan greatly.

Ah well, c'est la vie.


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