Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rules Conundrum: WarmaHordes, I've had a change of heart

So, I little while ago, I wrote this:

"Firstly, it makes it unlikely that there will ever be a large number of Rules Conundrum posts about WarmaHordes".

And, while this may still be true (I am rather good at covering my rear) in that there may never be a "large number", I've found fodder for one, at least. Mostly 'cause no one gave me a good enough answer on the Privateer forums.

Which means I actually have a rules post to write.

This, of course, makes me a happy panda. Big. Kinda hairy. Happy. Yup..

So, onwards.

WarmaHordes, if you hadn't realized.

More specifically, the rules for falling off highish terrain.

See, when you fall off terrain that is 1" or more high, you take damage. So does everyone you land on. Problem is the phrasing (when isn't it?):

"If a falling model contacts a model with an equal or smaller-sized base, the contacted model is knocked down and suffers the same damage roll as the falling model" (Hordes Primal Mk II, page 63, my emphasis).


Does this mean that you roll once, and then apply it to everyone affected? Or is it just that the conditions are the same for each roll you make?

I, being a literally minded sort of guy, am convinced it's the first. "The same damage roll" means just that: the same roll. However, and this is where it gets gnarly, I haven't managed to find a single other rule with the same phrasing to back this up. The few similar occasions all deal with attack rolls (Tremor, for example, makes one attack roll, compares it to all models in range, and then hits those it hits) rather than damage.

Which means, that all we have to go by, is the snippet of text above. My conclusion:

You roll once, and apply it many times. Until someone proves different (or we make a house rule), this will be my standpoint.

Not that it really matters all that much, or all that often, but still.

And now, I can once again claim that this blog is (partly) about rules. I refer you back to the happy panda above.


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