Sunday, 20 December 2015

Projects out of My Ears - First Try at Update

Lo and behold! I said I would do something, and I did it. Rejoice, oh ye of little faith.

Yeah, like anyone actually read the last post...

I have decided on the following.

Since painting models requires several steps, the last of which I don't do at the club (where I do most of my painting recently, and where my new, shiny photobox is), there will be a delay between me finishing painting stuff, and that stuff being ready to be photographed.

And no, I do not count dipping and anti-shining my models to be part of the painting process. It's part of the make-metal-or-resin-minis-bounce process.

Which is entirely separate.

So there.

Anyway. What this means is that, if I manage to keep this whole report-what-I-paint thing going, posts will have two parts.

One. What have I been doing this week?

Tuesday was spent assembling stuff. Necessary, but not very photogenic work.

Less hammer and nails, more glue and swearing.

Thursday I played a game of Frostgrave. It was a custom made Christmas scenario as part of an ongoing campaign, and I managed to win - making me the second person to win that unusually draw-prone game at the club (the first being, yeah, me). That took most of the evening, so no painting.

Saturday, though. Oh, I got stuff done on Saturday. I GreenStuffed (the process of filling in the gaps on a model of truly atrociously bad fit, patent pending) my Hippopotamus Knight from River Horse, bringning it one step closer to paintability.

I painted the first of my Heresy era Night Lords. He's blue, he's mean, he fights like a machine (yeah, yeah, you come up with a better rhyme for mean). Hopefully, a picture of his ugly mug will be up next time (which might well end up being after the holidays, but still).

I brought three more Cephalyx Drudges almost to completion. I need to finsih the bases, but that's it for them.

And I painted three Wild Hogs for Malifaux. They were quick and easy, and have now been dipped. They might need a final drybrush layer since my Quickshade's gone a bit gloopy, but they're near enough done.

It's always interesting to Google words to find a suitable image. This is 'Gloop'.

And finally, I finished my photobox by adding the lights and the bent sheet of thick white paper that makes the curved backdrop. I did the assembly Tuesday, glueing together four leftover white Ikea shelves (I've written about how Ikea leftovers are abundant in Sweden before) from the club's display cabinets. Saturday, I turned it from a weird white wooden box, into a glory of semi-competent photography paraphernalia.

Which brings me to:

Two: the results of previous work.

This is where the delay comes into play. I have photos, but they're of things that were finished a while back.

First up are the Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew that have been sitting in a box for two years or so, primed and ready to be painted, but somehow always a bit from the top of my projects list. 

Well, they're finally finished (barring facing lines).

They're the first greenskins I've painted in a while, and the photo brings out a few details I'll have to fix, but what the heck.

Second is a Guild Ball player that was an absolute treat to paint, and is one of the best minis released in the last couple of years, if you ask me. Which of course you would.

So, without further ado: Fangtooth.

A model named Fangtooth, with no visible fangs or teeth. What'll they think of next?
Third is the sign that the Apocalypse will not in fact be happening soon. My attempt to photograph another Guild Ball player - Rage - failed. Every single picture of him is either dark, so light it seems he is descended from up high, or blurry. I'll have to try again.

So there you have it. My first attempt at starting a semi-regular update series. We'll see how that goes.

Ta, and DFTBA.

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