Sunday, 13 December 2015

Projects Coming out of My Ears

I don't write here much any more. I'm not going to apologize.

However, I do keep doing hobby stuff. And I feel like it would be good to have a motivation to, one, actually get projects done and, two, take pictures (I've got myself a snazzy new camera and all).

So, here are the projects I am more or less actively working on right now. Hopefully, I'll make progress updates at a rate approaching once a week.

Flames of War
Not really an active game at the club, I still only recently got my back-ordered plastic Strelkovy Company. They need painting, but the urgency is low.

New game. Requires few models, really, and most of my needs are met, but I have one unpainted Templar that needs some love, preferably within the next two weeks or so, so that he is ready for the next round of the campaign I'm participating in.

Also a new game. More so, in fact, because I've yet to play a single match. I have painted two full teams - Union and Morticians - and since there's another club member in the same situation, prospects seem good. I'll try to take some pictures of these minis, as well, since some of them are just lovely.

I'm also trying to assemble some kind of goal marker, but that project still has all the potential for failure in the world, so I'll hold off on sharing.

I'm falling waaay behind on my Malifaux hobbying. I've got a bunch of GenCon stuff assembled and primed, and another bunch of Black Friday purchases still in its plastic-wrapped boxes. All in all, I think there must be thirty-forty models to get done here, and they are quite far down the list of priorities, largely because the club's currently lukewarm interest for the game.

Warhammer 30k
The Horus Heresy has had one, very much not secret, drawback for its entire existence: Forge World. Forge World kits are expensive as frick.

With the release of the Betrayal at Calth box, the price of entry has lowered. So, doing my best impression of a caffeinated squirrel with a hoarding problem, I bought a box, tagged along on a communal order from Forge World for some Legion snazz, and have started assembling some Night Lords. Just the box is another thirty-eight models to add to the list.

Woah. This list is long. Let's make an actual list.

Khador. I've painted the Army Box, plus a unit of Doom Reavers and eZerkova. Still to go are a Ternion, a unit of Outriders, a Koldun Lord, the Ranking Officer and a number of Warcasters.

Trollbloods. I've got half a Dozer and Smigg and a Swamp Troll on the warbeast side, a unit of Wardens and one of Northkin Fire-whatzits, Braylen Wanderheart and Horthol, and both versions of Borka, all assembled and primed but still to be painted.

Minions. I just finished a Bellows Crew (let's hope I managed to take some pictures). Apart from that, Maximus.

Mercenaries. This is where the list of projects becomes a pile. I got the opportunity to pick up a Cephalyx Army Box (I thought I'd missed the opportunity, since the box sold out at the local drug dealers' really quickly, but I managed to snag the extra one they magicked up somehow), and while I've assembled all of it, I have painted a grand total of one Drudge. The rest promise to be fairly quick, once I sit down and put the work in, but considering the length of this list, that seems easier said than done.

Also, I have a unit of Tactical Arcanist Corps which is mostly intended for the Khador army, which needs some love.

And that doesn't even take into account the Skorne army I bought a couple of years ago and have basically not started, or the random Cryx and Cygnar leftovers that sit feeling neglected in the various boxes that hold those of my projects closest to oblivion.

I've got lots to do. That said, I have been quite productive the last few months, having finished a 35-point Khador army, most of a Frostgrave warband, two Guildball teams, a few Malifaux and Trollblood minis, just the last two-three months or so, all while playing a Frostgrave campaign and a Pathfinder card game campaign, and building another little cottage at my parents' place in the country (which has eaten into my weekends this term quite severely) and working full-time as a teacher.

This has been a very simple post, but it might just have more complex follow-ups.  Then again, going by all previous indications, it might not.

Toodles, and DFTBA.

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  1. Good I'm not the only one with a hoarding problem... Try to reanimate Malifaux at the club during spring? I've got three crew boxes and a Avatar shrink wrapped...