Sunday, 17 January 2016

Projects out of My Ears - Second Update

Holiday season is over, and I'm running out of excuses not to write this up, so here goes.

This is what I've managed since last time.

So, last time I posted was on 20 December. Bewteen then and 5 January, I got basically nothing done. Some green paint was added to a few Flames of War Soviets, but other than that, my time was taken up by family and food. I did play a few boardgames with my siblings, but apart from that...

Googling 'busy Christmas' gives surprisingly sexist results. Aparently, only women are busy around the holidays. And bees.
5 January
Once I was back from celebrating Christmas, I sat down with some Night Lord Tactical Marines (who will end up in Terror Squads, but anyway). I got five of the blighters from primed black to ready for Purity Seal. Considering current temperatures in Sweden, they're likely to have to wait for that last layer.

6 January
As I was still free from work, this week saw me spending more time than usual at the club. 6 January was a day for Guild Ball, as I played my second ever game. I lost, being down 6-8 when we called time. Butchers gonna butch.

Before the game, though, I had time to start off another Night Lord, and a bunch of Cephalyx Drudges. Only the very first, sloppy layer, but a start nonetheless.

7 January
No progress whatsoever on the seventh, as we sat down to a game of Eldritch Horror that took the entire evening,

On 8 January, I sat through a full-day lecture for work, in an auditorium full of other teachers. Nurgle found a vector, and I lost most of a week.

Nurgle will be Nurgle, after all.
15 January
Back to work on a bunch of different projects, I managed to finish four Drudges, one Night Lord and no less than thirteen Soviet infantrymen. That last part would have been more impressive if it weren't for the fact that they are for Flames of War, and therefore in 15 millimetre scale. Nonetheless, that's four bases of Strelkovy infantry done. Only another twenty-five for a full unit. Plus the heavy machine guns.

Painting Soviets is somewhat demoralizing.

Good, productive day nonetheless.

17 January
Finally, yesterday, I finished Dozer and Smigg.

He's big. That's a 50 millimetre base...
This pair has been standing around with a basecoat of all the mayor colours for months. It was time to actually get them done. It took for ever. The number of leather straps alone is enough to drive a lesser hobbyist insane, and that's not to mention literally everything else.

I'm done with them, and it feels good, but I wouldn't want to do it again.

I also painted another threee Night Lords blue, and finsihed assembling my Hippo Knight from Riverhorse. That one is charming, but not very well made, which means I still have some gap filling to do before I can paint him, but since black spray primer is also not made for temperatures in the negative double digits centigrade, I don't think I need to rush...

I swear to Nuffle I've actually seen this happen...

All in all, I've managed to make quite a bit of headway on my mountain of minis. I've finished six Night Lords, four Cephalyx Drudges, one Dozer and Smigg and four bases of Soviets in what amounts to a week and a half of actual hobby time. Which isn't bad, really.

So, that's it for today, and I'll try to take some pictures for next time.

Ta, and DFTBA.

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