Sunday, 7 February 2016

Projects out of My Ears - Gremlins, Soviets, Drudges and a Big Troll

So, I'm still doing this?


Last week was very non-productive.

This week was better.

I even managed photos.

Last week
I painted the first layer of a few colours on some Malifaux Gremlins. And I assembled and based a number of other Malifaux minis and a couple of the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy. I also finished building and painted my first Guild Ball goal marker.

There is Still Water at the bottom. Quite a bit of it. But it turned out weird, so I made it very difficult to see...

I sprayed all those minis I assembled last week black. Not interesting, but all I managed to get done.

We played a game of the Pathfinder card game. It was something like the twentieth such game we've played, and everything went well. It did prevent me from doing anything remotely productive hobby-wise, though.

I've purchased the paints and brushes necessary to paint at home without carrying my bag back and forth from the club, which had its first real effect on Friday. I painted Harry the Baby Hippo from the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy.

Isn't he cute? Also: I need to buy more hippos.

Apart from that, I dipped six Cephalyx Drudges (which is one fewer than I had finished painting and brought home for the purpose, because apparently, Drudges are good at hiding).

I have a complicated relationship with board games. There was a time when I didn't play them at all, even when the guys at the club did. I've opened up a little since then, but I still have not reached a point where I feel an eleven-hour game of Mega Civilization sounds worth it.

So, while a bunch of the others played that game, I sat around messing with them and painting. So I got a bit done. I put Harry and those six Drudges through the Purity Seal process.

The first four Drudges.

I sprayed my two Cephalyx Monstrosities, a Pistol Wraith, a Ternion, Koldun Lord and Mr. Valachev, as well as a Frostgrave Templar, black.

And the other three. Yes, I got the hiding one eventually, when I dipped the Gremlins coming up.

And I painted Ulix, Mah Tucket, the Little Lass and Trixiebelle. The latter three were surpsisingly tricky to get right, with many overlapping layers of cloth and items. This means that I spent the better part of four hours on these four minis. Being constantly distracted by the Civilization players' misfortunes probably didn't help...

Ulix. A sneaky, green hogfarmer.

Ulix was fairly straight-forward, not least because it's a somewhat less inspiring model than the others, but also because it's texturally less complicated.

Their weapons are called Giant Wooden Spoon and Medium Wooden Spoon, respectively. I love Wyrd...

The spoon on Mah's back made it surprisingly difficult to reach parts of the mini, and the Little lass is attached to the base as much with hope and wishes as with superglue. I thought I'd got her to stick when I painted her. But when I tried to lift her from the wire after dipping, it turned out that the dip sticking to the wire was stronger than the plastic of her feet. Yup, her toes stayed attached to the base, while the rest came off. I hope she'll stick as she is now, but who knows?

If you have the ambition of dealing with the little psycho, I'd recommend making your basing decisions with her feet in mind.

This is Trixiebelle. I apologize for the Brain Bleech you might need.
One of her triggers is 'Never Needed to See That!'.I wonder why...
Maybe I should have tagged this NSFW? 

Trixiebelle is a disturbing miniature. On the one hand, it is doubtlessly well-made, but on the other, I felt decidedly creepy painting the... back-pockets... on this green lady. Not to mention... Ah, well, never mind.

Anyways, that's what I painted this week. On to stuff I finished earlier, but didn't get around to photographing 'til today.

The headline promised a big Troll.

Well, here he is.
Smigg was very difficult to get in focus. My camera insisted on assuming the cannon barrel was a face, though...

I think I've mentioned before how the big blue fella is one of those minis that have taken a very long time from first brush-stroke to last, but now he's (hopefully) entirely finished.

Bacon! Hairy bacon... maybe not.

Also mentioned before are these Wild Boars, making up the core of Ulix' crew box.

I'm still not convinced I shouldn't give them another go with the drybrush, but it's always easier to add paint than to remove it, so I'll hold off a bit longer.

The Commissar is probably one of the most evil models available in FoW. So of course I have two, and will have more.
I like how the two bases lined up here, with the officer's aide pointing at one of the Strelkovy, who seems to be reacting.

It's a different thing to paint 15mm minis than it is to paint 28, 32 or 35mm ones. For one thing, you need a lot more of the blighters, and they're not correspondingly quicker to paint. Don't get me wrong, they would have been a lot more time consuming in 28mm, just not three or four times more.

Also, I don't get to count these bases as thirteen models, but only four.

Which is no good for my statistics.

This should be done in a bad Transylvanian accent: One Night Lord.
Two Night Lords.
Three Night Lords. Mwhahaha.
These guys are the last, for now. They've been done for a while, but I haven't got around to bringing my camera to the club before now, so they haven't been photographed until today.

And that's that.

Today has been a voluminous post. I'll cut it short now.

Ta, and DFTBA.

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