Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Little Bit of Work on Projects out My Ears, and a Couple of Games

It has been another couple of less than productive weeks, once again mostly because I've been playing games rather than working on clearing stuff from my painting list.

I know, it's a hard life.

All I've actually managed to finish during the last two weeks is three bases of Soviets. Not very impressive, really. I'm hoping to do some more work today - though my lazy-demon might have other ideas - and I've done some small amounts of assembly and basecoating, but as for actual, honest-to-Aldur painted miniatures, that's it.
As usual with this kind of picture, not my own work. That would have required being productive...
I have, however, played no less than six games, three of which were miniatures ones.

So, in no particular order...

Frostgrave. We're in the midst of a campaign in this little game. This particular game finished in a draw. Most games of Frostgrave do, really.

Moving along.

Guild Ball. I got in my third ever game of Guild Ball yesterday. For the first time this far, we actually played a match to its conclusion. Well, almost, at least. Once I was at ten points, had won initiative and had Blackheart withing sword-reach of a half-dead, knocked down Brisket, with six influence on him, we called it settled. Which means I'm two for three. Not too bad.

Flames of War. A new member at the club and I played our first game of Flames of War last Saturday. Neither one of us had played the game before, and we'd never played each other, so it ended up being a let's-try-this-out kind of game, rather than an actual attempt at Nazi-murder. I won, but for the reasons just listed, I'm not sure it counts. I've got a post about it brewing, though...

Pathfinder, the card game. Also a campaign we're in the middle of, a few of the club regulars working our way through the Wrath of the Righteous box and accessory adventures. Alongside Eldritch Horror, this is probably the most-played game at the club right now, and we managed two games in the last two weeks.

Eldritch Horror. We got our rears handed to us by Syzygy. We got pelted by three separate rumours almost from the start, and didn't have the time or luck to actually achieve any mysteries before the Great Old One awakened.

Apparently, 'Syzygy' means, among other things, an alightment of three celestial bodies. I guess the stars are right...
And that's that, really.

Nothing to see here.

Move it along.



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