Friday, 12 October 2012

Warhammer 40k: 6th edition Chaos

Yup, still here.

And I've been having some fun with the new Chaos Codex.

Just to be clear, I make no claims of tactical knowledge related to anything as new as this. I have made a few observations, though.

First, the Chaos Codex is lovely. Full-colour, hardback, chaotic goodness just seeping through the barrier between worlds... *drool*

Sorry, sorry. I'm back.

So, yeah, I like Chaos. Always have. My first models were a box of Beastmen, way back when. My first Warhammer army was Chaos Warriors. I've had Chaos Space Marines on a slow burner for ever. I've built a Great Unclean One from green stuff and leftovers.

It was no surprise when I jumped the bandwagon ride into the Warp. I think I jumped it a bit before it left the station, actually.

So, first impressions.

One (well, two, I did one above), the rules seem like another Phil Kelly masterpiece. It's got all the good things about Gav Thorpe's minimalist version, but with all the Chaosy goodness we've come to mourn the lack of during the rule of Thorpe.

Three, there are no generic Daemon Weapons. I miss them. On this count, I feel a little like GW have laid the rules foundations for something to come later on. With Wyrd or Privateer, I would be expecting the next book to come with a slew of new Daemon Weapons, but with GW? Not so much. Which is a bummer. Long story short, there would have been room for at least another half dozen different Daemon Weapons.

Four, Daemon Princes can now take Daemon Weapons. Yes, a Daemon Prince with a Black Mace is mean. Especially when you RAW the rules for Smash, and the number of attacks such a Daemon would get.

Five. Daemon Engines. Yes, the Mauler/Forgefiend looks like a Cryxian Carnifex, and yes, I like it. And no, I am not a fan of the Heldrake. Will that stop me from eventually getting one? Maybe. Probably not. I am currently working on an unholy merger between a Defiler and a Hellbrute. So that's three out of four... I also got a Warpsmith. I like Daemonic metal, so sue me.

So far, I've been having limited success with the Maulerfiend. But that's 'cause I'm crap and send it into the wrong things. I still think it's an interesting model.

Six: a fourteen model unit of Plague Marines is damn near unkillable in cover.

Seven, I want another four HQ slots! What with Daemon Princes, Lords (to get the Cult Troops as Troops), Sorcerers, Warpsmiths and Special Characters (Typhus, for example) I'm the closest I've been to wanting to run two Force Organisation charts.

Eight, random charts! Say what you like about competitiveness and balance, I like me a bit of randomness. It is Chaos, right? So the Boon of Chaos table is right up my alley. I like to get as many Gift of Mutation characters as possible, just to roll those lovely D66's.

Nine. Fearless Culitists rock the socks off of Monstrous Creatures.

Until the Fearless Chaos Lord dies...
Ten, GW are trying to take all my money.

And that's it for now. The Dark Gods are calling.

Next post might be a Rules Conundrum one.



  1. It's a good thing you're not teaching maths.

  2. Chaos Space Marines really needed Cultists in their list, as they have been around in the fluff like forever. I only wish it would be clear, that you can take units of 30 Plague Zombies...

    And I must agree, I liked the daemon weapons from the last codex, but I guess we cannot have everything