Sunday, 30 September 2012

Not Dead, Just Drowning

And howdy to you too.

This is just a short post to tell you all that I am still not dead. I am drowning in work, extracurricular activities and projects, but hey...

Rather than let the blog fade quietly into oblivion, I figured I'd list my current projects. And maybe show off just why my limited hobby time is not spent blogging, right now.

With 6th edition 40k came one particular blow against my money: allies. So, Necrons became Necrons with Chaos allies. And then that became Chaos with Necron allies. And now it's looking like Chaos with Daemon allies (assuming I can sill fit any Daemons in after Saturday, that is).

On the table right now is two Plague Marines, six Terminators, five vanilla Chaos Space Marines, one Obliterator (mk 1) one Daemon Prince, one Chaos Lord on bike, ten Plague Bearers, an as of yet undisclosed number of Nurgling bases and the Chaos contents of one Dark Vengeance box. By tonight, it's going to be two vanilla Chaos Space Marines... And all the rest.

The Retribution
Well... yeah. Haven't really done much on the Retribution Elves lately. Still quite a few models left to paint, though I've made it past the halfway mark.

Prognosis for the foreseeale future: bleak.

If the Retribution has been neglected, the Empire models I still have left to paint have been all but forgotten. There are Demigryph Knights, a Helstorm, a Witch Hunter, a Master Engineer and any number of State Troopers still left, but the army is all but finished (that is, I've got 2500 points, and then some, ready).

Prognosis: bleaker stil.

Firestorm Armada
Yeah, I picked up a fleet. I even basecoated and washed it. But barring some revelation, the game isn't speaking to me, so 'on ice' is probably the best status description for this project.

Prognosis: uncertain.

Yeah, I know. This might already be covered in the headings above. But still.

I've been gaming a lot lately, averaging maybe two games a week (most of which have been 40k, but I've also managed to play all the other games hinted at above). While this down't really eat into my painting time, it does go to show that I'm not in any way out of the hobby.

So there you have it. And this is set to become a longer list, sooner than shorter. Malifaux is rumbling in the background, the Chaos release on Saturday will be hard on my stockpile of cash, and there are murmurs of other things as well.

So, for now, toodles.

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  1. Huh... Would've though that Armada would be right up your alley. So much for a strong NTSC presence in the TrollCave...