Monday, 12 December 2011

WarmaHordes: Cryx Tournament Results

We had a tournament yesterday. It was a small, in-club thing with seven participants (and two guys sharing the eighth spot to get us to an even number). It was more of an opportunity for some concentrated gaming than an attempt at competition.

I played my Cryx. I won all my three games, giving me the overall victory.

My list was the same 35 points I've used so far:

Witch Coven

2x Slayer

10 Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls
The Withershadow Combine

Skarlock Thrall.

First game was against the TO's Khador (pButcher and a bucketful of Men'O'War, a dog and a pair of 'Jacks). We played Kill Box for the first game, meaning I had to kill the Butcher.

I'll be straight, going into my fourth turn, I was basically fried. I'd lost two Arc Nodes, one Slayer and most of the Mechanithralls, and he'd lost very little in return. The Butcher was hurt, but my last Arc Node was locked in Melee.

Which is when the Witches proved what they're made of. A Veil of Mist and a Ghost Walk later, the lone Arc Node was where it could channel spells at the Butcher, and since the Witches activate separately, I then had a Witch left to ram a pair of Stygian Abysses down his throat. Game.

Second game was Revelation against a Morvahna Circle list (whose owner had yet to play a single game with Circle before the tournament). A few really bad rolls from his Reeves during his second and third turn left my Mechanithralls to clear Flag 2, while most of the rest of my army went after flag 1. Overly defensive positioning left his Gnarlhorn too far away to affect the game directly, and my two Slayers, Ripjaw, Defiler and Withershadow Combine were more than a match for his Wolves of Orboros (especially since I Arc Noded their UA to death first turn).

A gratuitous amount of violence, a Trample and some serious overkill later, I had three control points to his none at the end of round three.

Third game was a final showdown against the other Cryx player present (who'd also won his first two games) in Destruction.

Long story short, we pretty much ignored the objectives. By which I mean to say I pretty much ignored the objectives, and made him react. I Arc Noded Mortenebra to death at the end of my third turn, and little else died... Both objectives were untouched.

In conclusion, the Witch Coven rocks. With the three Arc Nodes to aid in assassinations, the two Slayers to cause damage against other things, the Mechanithralls to swamp-kill things, and the Withershadow toolbox, the three little girls have so far been capable of dealing with everything that's come their way (I'm seven for seven with them, total).

But more importantly, it seems everyone was happy with the tournament, paving the way for more organised gaming in the future.

Now, I'm off to bed.

And no, I'm not going to do anything about the Wall O'Text.


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