Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Trinity of Games: The Miniatures part 3 - Warmachine best

Here goes the second part of my (very limited) look at some of Warmachine's models.

I've been putting off writing this. Why? I'm a lazy bum.


Now, Warmachine has good miniatures. The problem is, quite a few of the really good ones are one-off things. It's difficult to build a viable army without stepping on at least some of the ugly-mines.

But, having said that, I am slowly growing accustomed to some of the models I deemed irreconcilably bad when I started.

So, on with the good:

The Khador Devestator.

So, this is what I would build if I designed a real, functioning Warjack. The look of this guy tells you exactly what he's intending to do: walk slowly across the field, taking everything you've got to throw at him, until he's standing on your corpse.

The Menoth Reckoner.
I did say something about the folly inherent in giving the metal monstrosity you're designing hands to hold a weapon. This guy, though... If, and I mean if, you have to, give him a baseball bat to hold. And maybe a big gun. He's still ugly, but he's ugly with style.

The Ghordson Basher (Mercenary).
The very point of this guy is that he doesn't look like most warjacks. It also looks intentionally ridiculous. I like.

The Cygnar Robo-chicken (or Squire, if you must).

 I like this one for somewhat the same reason I like the lesser Warbeasts of Everblight. It's small, ugly and cute. The fact that I hate its in-game effects with a vengeance doesn't actually ruin the model. Much.

And that sort of takes care of the mechanical part of this post.

On to less metally things...

The Butcher of Khadov.

Is there any doubt he does what it says on the tin? If you'd have to guess what he does for a living, might it be "kills things"? I thought it might...

Cryx Brute Thrall.
Frankensteinian models are often badly executed. This one, though... Yikes. I want a unit full of these guys. What do you mean I need to bring a unit of whimpy little guys just to get access to him? *Mumble* *Grumble*

Reinholdt (Mercenary).

So, this is the illegitimate child of Skarsnik and Sherlock Holmes, you say? I'd believe that...

And that's gonna have to conclude this bit...

I was going to do the same thing with Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, too, but I've decided not to. For now, at least. For one thing, there's a lot of models to go through, and I can't be bothered. For another, I've come to realize just how accustomed I am to the GW aesthetics.

So, we'll see where I go next.

As usual, toodles.

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