Tuesday, 31 May 2011

WHFB Rules Conundrum: Obstacles and Steam Tanks

So, here goes again. Today, I bring a rules conundrum of the horticulturally destructive kind.

When an obstacle is rolled on the random terrain table, you're told to set up "Three 6" sections of the following [randomly generated] obstacles" (L[as in Little]BRB p. 142). To me, that sounds like the entirety of those three sections make up a single obstacle (as sections sort of imply parts of a whole). So far so good.

Enter my Empire army. It has two Great Cannons and a Steam Tank. The cannons are capable of shooting an obstacle to smithereens (see p. 113 of the aforementinoed LBRB), and the Steam Tank can likewise destroy an obstacle (by virtue of moving through it, see the Empire army book, p. 51, or by shooting its smaller cannon).

And now, to the conundrum: does this destroy the entire obstacle (all three sections) or just one section?

My reading: you remove the entire thing. The intuitive solution: you remove one section. Guess which one wins in my RaW-ruled world? (I sense a RaW vs. RaI post coming...)

Question the second: when a Steam Tank takes wounds from failing to generate Steam Points, is it allowed its armour save? I'll quote:

"The Steam Tank loses one wound and no SP are generated that turn" (Empie army book, p. 51).

Now, the LBRB is a little unclear on what happens when a model or unit suffers wounds in unusual fashions, but I will assume that the rules for "Resolving Unusual Attacks" can be vaguely applied (they're on p. 42), and assume that you are allowed a save unless stated otherwise.

Thus, the Steam Tank would be allowed its save. Unfortunately, this, too, seems a bit counterintuitive...

I must admit to feeling a little bad about both these interpretations. For a while. Then I lost the Raze and Ruin scenario I was playing, and felt a bit better. At least I hadn't won by this less-than-fluffy interpretation. Ah, the difficult life of a rules nerd...

Well, with that out of my system, this is it for another while.

See ya!

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