Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rules Conundrum: Non-rectangular vehicles

Howdy. Today's post is about armour facings.

To be sure that you know what's what, look up page 60 of the Big Black Book.
Done? Okay then.

The picture explaining armour facings is really clear, isn't it? Each facing is bordered by a line drawn through the vehicles corners. Works brilliantly for the box vehicles of the Imperium.

Oh, and if you're under any other illusions, this is not mine.
What do we do? The obvious answer - after some thought -  is to treat the two prongs as the front corners. What about the back, though? Engine? The exit block? Ah well...

Oh, this one is mine. Brilliant. First model of mine I post is unfinished...
If you're one of those who will point out that the Raider has identical armour values all around, imagine this is a Ravager, which uses the same hull.

Please point me to the corners. Oh, I know. The reasonable solution is to treat the protruding parts of the sides. But see those little things just to either side of the prow? I'd call those just as viable, if I was in that mood.

Next one:

And back to normal. Not mine.
Have I made my point?

And, if you were expecting this post to be the usual gem of interpretation I normally put here, sorry. Nothing but problems here; no solutions.

And on that note, I'm out.

I might post tomorrow, if I can fit it in around my dreaded fifth visit to IKEA in a month. Moving. It's a bitch.


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