Saturday, 26 January 2013

WarmaHordes - Rating a fictional model: pBasher

This is the companion post to that piece I just did on ratng Casters. Here I'll give the promsied example based on a fictitious Warcaster named pBasher.

Overview. pBasher is one of those Casters that do one thing really well. in his case, this is beating face. He comes heavily armed for melee, has a spell or two that helps his army do the same, and oesn't do much else. His Feat helps himself kill what he's aiming for and does little else. He's not a model PP ould be likely to release, but he's simple enough to work as an example.

Own Damage output: pBasher has a really big axe. He has such a big axe, he could kill a Colossal with it. One of his spells adds futher damage as does his Feat. This is what pBasher does. His MAT is also really high. He has a lacklustre damage spell that will rarely be used. pBasher has an ODO score of 85, and an ODOr score of 5.

Own defensive abilities. pBasher has low DEF and high ARM, combine with a high number of Damage boxes. He will get hit, and when something even slightly big hits, he will get hurt. Since he is a Warcaster, he has the ability to increase his ARM further by hogging his focus. He is on a medium base i an army with mostly small based infantry. Since he will want to be close to the enemy, he needs a good defensive score more than backfield Casters. his ODA score is 50 and his ODAr score is 5.

Own mobility. pBasher has a SPD of an average 6. He has Pathfinder and Telekinesis. His OM score is 50, and since he needs to get where he's going, his OMr score is 5.

Damage output buffs. pBasher has one buff spell, that gives a single model/unit an extra dice on melee damage rolls, removing the lowest. It is not an upkeep, and will use up half his focus. It will be used, but rarely on critical turns. pBasher's DOB score is 50 and his DOBr score is 3.

Defensive buffs. pBasher has none. His DB score is 0 and his DBr score is 1.

Mobility buffs. Telekinesis. MB score: 60. MBr score: 3.

Mobility debuffs. Telekinesis. Very limited access to Arc Nodes makes it difficult to use. MD score: 50. MDr score: 3.

FOCUS/FURY. Average FOCUS for a melee Caster. Expensive spells in relation to F/F score means he cannot both buff his army, move himself, and fight to full capacity. F/F score is 40, F/Fr score is 4.

Total for pBasher: 85x5+50x5+50x5+50x3+0x1+60x3+50x3+40x4=1565. 1565 divided by 29 (the total relevance score) is near enough 54, meaning this is pBasher's total score.

And that's all I'm gonna say about that...

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