Sunday, 3 June 2012

General Ramblings: Swamped

I haven't posted for a while, now.


A lot of little reasons, actually. Real Life has been a real bitch lately, for one.

But mostly? I've been getting stuff done. Hobby stuff.

First and foremost, my Empire army is now one Knight away from being entirely finished for 2500. Well, as entirely finished as anything ever is. There's still a unit of Demigryphs sitting on my table, and a few characters, but essentially, they're just gravy. One Knight, and then the core of the army is done.

Secondly, there are Necrons. These have proven hard to get done. Mostly due to lack of motivation. Only reason I'm still working on them at the moment is the slow-grow campaign they're part of. Deadlines are a beautiful thing.

Third, I've been playing games. More than one game a week, actually. I've even actually managed a win with the aforementioned Empire (though at 1500 points - another campaign), if you would believe it. I've played 40k and Fantasy, Warmachine and Hordes, and when I haven't been playing, I've been hanging around making a nuissance out of myself. Or teaching people the rules. Or both.

Why won't anyone read the fething rulebook?

No matter. It's all good. Gives me an excuse to rave at people.

So, what now? Empire all but done, Necrons going on a slow burner, Cryx done, Trollbloods... well, I'd be lying if I tried to make anyone believe I won't be getting a Mountain King eventually, but the Megasmurfs won't be seeing any massive updates any time soon. I'm running out of projects.

Who'd've thunk?

So I've been looking around. Starting another Fantasy/40k army is a heck lot more work than I want to take on. A Fantasy one would be fun, beyond the hundreds of models needed, but I really don't want to paint those hundreds of models. Not right now, anyway. For 40k, I already have an unfinished project (see above) so starting another seems like folly. Especially for a few more weeks...

Well, who knows?
 So, it's WarmaHordes that looks most likely.

What haven't I done yet...?

Let's see, Cryx with a bunch of 'Jacks, Trollbloods with a bunch of 'Beasts...

One does kill piece Caster Kills, the other does slow and steady. With fists.

What I haven't done is a list where the infantry is central. So I started looking around for Privateer Press infantry that doesn't suck.

No, it's not easy. A whole lot of their infantry models must have hit every branch falling out of the Ugly Tree. I started looking at Menoth ('cause we're sorta short on fire-crazy religious fanatics down at the club). But then I realized why I haven't yet done a Menoth army.

It's not a pretty sight. But still better than the Skorne heavy infantry...
Most of the stuff from the Menoth army I'd like, from a rules perspective, is Butt Ugly. Their 'Jacks are ugly, their nice infantry are ugly and most of their pretty things are either not what I'm looking for or one-off stuff.

So that's out.

And instead, I'm going to break one of my personal tenets. I'm going to go with the Retribution. Who are elves. I don't like elves. But these elves have enormous mittens. And among the relatively rare cool infantry for Warmachine.

So it's going to be elves. (Steam)punk elves.

And I have no idea how often I'll be blogging. Occasionally, probably. Or I might blow a gasket when 6th edition 40k is released, and need to vent...

Anyway, 'til next time, ta.

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