Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WarmaHordes: Onwards and Forwards - Choosing a Second Army

Yeah, I know it's been a while. No, I'm not going to apologize. Onwards and forwards.

I started WarmaHordes maybe four months ago. Since then, I've been frenziedly assembling, painting and playing my Trollbloods. I've now got to the point where I cannot field all (or even half) my models in a single game at the club.

Faced with this fact, I've decided to get a second army, rather than keep expanding the Trolls ad infinitum (except they will probably still get the occasional reinforcement; no army is ever finished, after all).

I've gone with Cryx. This post will be about why.

My Trollbloods were a more or less accidental choice.

I bought this little fellow for use in Blood Bowl sometime before the summer:

And yes, I'm crap at photos.
It's a Slag Troll, but I used it as a Yhettee for my Norse team.

And then some of the guys started dredging up WarmaHordes. I, being an impressionable young man, hopped the bandwagon, and since no one else was playing them, I figured I could just as well start the faction for which I already had a model.

This time, my motivations are a little bit more organized. A little. I've gone by the following criteria:

The game format, the models, and the playstyle.

First things first, playing a dual game system (Warmachine and Hordes) I want to pick an army from the Other half, which means Warmachine. Might as well try both sides.

However, the reason I've sort of avoided Warmachine is the models. Some of them are crap. And it's an unfortunate fact that it's actually a bit difficult to build an effective Warmachine army without at least some of those models. So, what models appeal to me? Well, there are Khadoran models that make me cackle with glee at the thought of fielding a few. And I'm sort of fond of the Cryx Metal Chickens of Death:

So, Thick Red Line, or evil green undead robots?

Enter criterion three;: playstyle.

Khador are famous for their slow, implacable advances ending in there 'Jacks standing on the mangled corpses of the opposition. Cryx are fast, sneaky and ruin people's armies by making them bad.

So, a red army that plays like my blue one? No, probably not.

Cryx it is.

And that's it for today.

Not my usual sharp critique of something game related, I know. My muse seems to have left the country.

Ah, well.


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  1. Makes sense, though. It's a good combination if you want to keep on top of varied tactics and approaches...