Saturday, 15 October 2011

WarmaHordes: I Hate Cygnar!

This is a rantette (patent pending).

Don't consider it serious.

But I do hate Cygnar

I've played twenty-seven games of WarmaHordes by now. Nine of those have been against Cygnar (eight against the same player, so maybe, just maybe, that's why I keep losing) and lost six. Ignoring the games against Cygnar, I've got a nice and clean fifty-fifty win-loss record.

Just so you know that this won't be an objective analysis.

I hate the Cygnar Warcasters.

I hate eHaley with her time shenanigans. Her feat is pure evil. Eight Focus is cheating.

I hate eCaine shooting my Warlocks dead.

I hate eStryker beating my Warlocks dead.

I'm less familiar with the other Warlocks Cygnar has, but I'm sure I hate them too.

I hate Gun Mages. They push my dudes back, keeping them from doing what they do. They have enough Def to baffle my few shooters. Don't even get me started on the Black Thirteen.

I hate Storm Guards. Assaulting with weapons that you are yourself immune to is not fair.

I hate the Robo Chicken (also known as the Squire). It makes mid-Focus Warcasters into high-Focus Warcasters, and high-Focus Warcasters into ridiculously-high-Focus Warcasters.

Most of all, I hate the fact that Cygnar, by being such a threat at range, makes me reckless. My spontaneous reaction to being outgunned is to take the knife I brought to the gunfight (although I maintain that they brought guns to my fistfight) and run close with it, so that I can use it to stab those dastardly gun-boys dead. This rarely works out.

There. I feel a little better.

I still hate Cygnar, though.


  1. Warms the cockles of my heart, this does..:)

    Oh, and:
    "other Warlocks Cygnar has"
    'tis a sad thing, not learning from your mistakes.

  2. And... Introducing that Cygnar player I spoke of.

    And I refuse to learn.

    So there.