Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WarmaHordes: There's room on this Bandwagon still!

So, Incarias goes WarmaHordes. Who'd a thunk it?

A few weeks ago one of the guys down at the club asked around, to see if anyone actually played Warmachine. A couple of the 'old-timers' (sorry, guys) did, and there's been a couple of games played.

Me, being in sort of a GW lull right now (the inspiration and motivation just don't come as easily as normal) decided to see what the game was all about. Fool me.

I've now got a small force of Trollbloods painted up, based, and bloodied. They took me four evenings to paint. As well as I could. For a similar amount of GW stuff, four weeks would have been good going. I'm a quick painter, or a decent one, but usually not at the same time.

I'm happy with the work I've done on my Trollbloods.

They were nice to paint, and that brought out the best paint job I had available.

So, what convinced me?

Well, I must say that about half was probably the Bandwagon-effect. It was new, shiny, and not GW (which gets a bit stale after a while, to be honest).

The rest? The models. The gameplay.

The models for Warmachine are largely crap. Trollbloods are from Hordes. The two games are compatible.

Don't get me wrong, the Warmachine models are probably well-made and all (for all I know). I just don't like the notion of a... I'm failing to find a good metaphor. On legs.

There are exceptions. Some of the Light Cryx 'Jacks are cool enough, I guess. Largely, though, this is not how I picture Steampunk.

Hordes, though. There are crap models here too. I'm less than fond of the Legion of Everblight. I'm sorry, but they look like weird Tyranids. I like these guy:
But that's mostly 'cause they're so ugly cute.

But Trollbloods, and to a lesser extent Skorne and Minions, do appeal to me. I went with Trollbloods, for the simple reason that I'd already bought one, to use as a Yhetee for Blood Bowl.

As far as gameplay goes, the small, quick-to-play scale offers a game quite different from the sprawling affairs I'm used to from 40k and Fantasy. In fact, WarmaHordes shares a few of the traits that make Blood Bowl such a good game. Few models, big guys and the option of tossing your teammates at the opposition. 

I'm not yet sure if the game lives up to my expectations. We'll see as I learn.

But for now, the bandwagon has been hopped, a small force has been finished, and parts of my hoard (yes, hoard, not horde) are afraid they will go the same way as the models that were sold to pay for this new obsession. Some parts might. The Ogre Kingdoms army I never got around to finishing, and the Orcs my brother left me when he left the hobby are both on thin ice...

For now, though, I've got a Fantasy game tomorrow. Guess what scenario? Raze and Ruin. I hate buildings.


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