Sunday, 13 February 2011

Being Incarias

This, then, will be my introduction.

I'm a Swede. English is not my first language, but thanks to a decent educational system and personal preference, I believe I speak, and more importantly, write passably in English.

Gaming-wise, I'm isolationist. I have a club, and for the last four years, the members of that club have been my only opponents across a gaming table. Before that, we were just a bunch of friends duking it out across the floor of my living room. Let's just say finding that club had highly beneficial effects on my gaming, as well as the inspiration to paint and model.

Why have I not gone to widen my horizons further? Laziness. It's a bother to go even to Swedish tournaments, and going abroad? Not my cup of tea right now.

As for systems, I feel I'm primarily a Warhammer 40k player, with a side of Warhammer Fantasy and a sizeable dessert of Blood Bowl. What do you mean a slave to Games Workshop? Seriously, though, those are the systems played most regularly at the club (although some of the guys are looking to run a Secrets of the Third Reich campaign which might or might not spark something) and therefore... See what I mean about laziness?

40k is, and will preumably remain, my primary system. Which, in essence makes this another in the myriad of 40k blogs out there. No matter. I've got three armies, painted up to where they're usable at up to 2000 points, at least, with more models on my table. Those armies are: Deep Striking Tyranids, Elitist Orks and rather neglected Space Marines (vanilla).

It is with the Tyranids that my focus lies at the moment. I might post a list at some point, but suffice it to say, it has three Carnifexes, a Trygon, a Hive Tyrant and an obscene amount of firepower. At 1500, that is. And no Hive Guard, Tervigons or Tyrannofexes (the last, admittedly, mostly because my project for that model is daunting and yet to be started). I hate building conformist armies, to the point where I bring stuff just because people hate it (the Tyranid army didn't really start until fifth edition, but befor ethe new codex; Nidzilla was rubbish - I had to have it).

What exactly I'll write about here, I have no idea. I mostly want my own street corner to spout gibberish at. I might go entirely unread, but that is irrelevant; the point is to have a place to write that isn't a forum or the comments field at someone else's blog. What cares the demagogue if no one answers?

That will be it for now. We'll see if anything comes of this, or if this will be the last post.


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